TOS Remastered

CBS Digital Wraps Up Star Trek Remastered

Twenty one months after they began their work digitally remastering Star Trek The Original Series, CBS Digital has wrapped production on the project. With the final new effects shots for the last episode (“The Cage” ), CBS D has now completely brought Star Trek into the digital age. The TOS-R producers have sent a statement about the end of the project:

Trek Remastered Schedule Change

CBS has updated their syndication schedule for the next two weekend’s of Star Trek Remastered. “Mudd’s Women” which was to air this weekend, now air’s next weekend and this weekend will be a repeat of “Conscience of the King.” “The Cage” (the unaired TOS pilot), originally scheduled for next weekend, is now off the schedule entirely, but it may get back on the schedule in the future.

Shatner Met Quinto and Pine

It has already been reported that members of the new Star Trek crew have had a chance to meet their predecessors (Quinto and Nimoy, Saldana and Nichols, Yelchin and Koenig, plus Pegg has met James Doohan’s son, Chris). Now, finally, William Shatner reveals on a new ShatnerVision video that he has met the new Kirk, Chris Pine (and Quinto as well).

CBS Brings Trek Online – Paramount Goes Blu-ray

Today the shared owners of Star Trek are making moves in the digital world. First up is CBS who announced they are offering ‘classics’ from their television library to a new “CBS Audience Network” of sites. The initial programming consists of The Twilight Zone, Hawaii Five-O, MacGyver, Melrose Place and (most importantly) Star Trek (TOS). Shows are streamed in their entirety for free, with advertising.