April 2009

INTERVIEW: Star Trek Writers Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci

The history of the new Star Trek movie really started with the writing team of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci over three years ago. In our most in-depth interview yet, I talked to the writers about taking on the task of reviving Star Trek, and also get into some detail on the plot of the new movie and how it all ties into the Star Trek that we know. We also talk about the sequel! [SPOILERS BELOW]

Live Coverage Of Star Trek Hollywood Premiere

This evening the big USA gala premiere is happening at the Chinese theater in Hollywood, California. After a month of international premieres, this is is going to the the biggest with Star Trek director JJ Abrams joined by almost the entire cast and crew. Also on hand will be past Trek luminaries and many of LA’s top celebrities. TrekMovie is there and will be liveblogging (with photos), plus there are live webcams and a local TV station is broadcasting live from the red carpet. Details below.

Cover and Details For Star Trek Magazine Official Movie Guide

The upcoming issue of Star Trek magazine will be the ‘Official Movie Guide’ for the Star Trek movie. This issue of the official Star Trek magazine will be like previous ‘souvenir movie magazines’ and should be a must for any collector. Titan Publishing has sent us details on what is in the magazine along with the first look at the cover.

ST09 Tidbits (T-7): Trek is Critics Choice + Behind the scenes pics + Talk Show vids + Watch Shat Watch Trailer

One week to go folks, are you ready? Today’s Tidbits has the latest on the good critics buzz and some small but intriguing behind the scenes photos. We also have some news of a Mexican delay, videos from Trek celebs on talk shows, and much more, including video of Shatner watching the Star Trek trailer!.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Mike Okuda – Talking “The Cage”, TOS-R On Blu-ray & more

This weekend Star Trek’s first pilot "The Cage" will be the final new episode to air in syndication for the remastered Star Trek (check local listings). Also this week CBS Home Entertainment released Season One of the remastered Star Trek on Blu-ray. In our exclusive interview, TrekMovie spoke to Star Trek Remastered co-producer Mike Okuda about both, and a little bit about the new Star Trek movie.

Game News: STO Ties Into Star Trek Movie & Countdown + First Gameplay Video of DAC

Today the back-story for upcoming Star Trek Online MMORPG to a big leap in syncronicity with the Star Trek movie and Countdown comics. We have the latest ‘Path to 2407’ below, along with some new screenshots and more from STO. And that is not the only gaming news, we also have the first gameplay videos from Star Trek D-A-C, the download arcade shooter coming out in May.

Toys R Us Gets Trekified This Weekend

Beginning this weekend, Star Trek toy collectors and fans will find their local Toys R Us stores have a new display featuring Star Trek and sales and exclusives worth checking out if you are considering purchasing items from companies such as Diamond Select Toys, Playmates Toys, and Funko. Courtesy of TRU itself, TrekMovie has all the information and an exclusive sneak peek at this weekend’s TRU promotional flyer.

ST09 Tidbits (T-9): Greenwood To Vulcan + Private Screening Auction + Baseball Trek + Sneak Peeks + more

The Tidbits is now in single digits! And today we have more news on that Vulcan premiere, which we have learned will have a special guest. Also how would you like a private screening next Thursday?…you can have one (if you win an auction). We also have reports on the Star Trek night at yesterday’s Giants game and the French premiere on Sunday. All that plus more Tivo alerts and even more.

Full List Of IMAX Theaters Carrying Star Trek + IMAX Trailer

One of more exciting things about the new Star Trek movie is that it is also coming out in IMAX (a franchise first). However, the IMAX Experience will be a limited engagement of just two weeks, so you better hurry up. IMAX has sent us their official Star Trek trailer and the official press release with all the theaters that will be running Star Trek, see below for more details.

ST09 Tidbits (T-10): BK Toys First Look + US Premiere Details + Talk Show Blitz Starts Tonight + more

10 days and counting, the new Star Trek movie is coming fast and the blitz is headed your way. We have the first look at the Star Trek toys and food coming to Burger King, details on the US premiere, the latest box office buzz, another Star Trek comic prequel, your Tivo schedule for the talk show celebrity appearances and more.

Exclusive: Interview With Greg Grunberg on TalkAboutIt.org, Heroes & Star Trek

Heroes star (and best friend to JJ Abrams) Greg Grunberg has launched a new website to get people talking about epilepsy called talkaboutit.org, and he has got a number of celebrities to get involved, doing videos for the site, including the new Kirk and Spock. TrekMovie talked to the actor about the site, working with Chris and Zach, the new Star Trek movie (and his semi-cameo), and Heroes. Plus we found out what part he wants in the Star Trek sequel!

Sci-Fi Sunday: Wolverine, Terminator, Transformers, Predators + Lost, Heroes, Fringe, Reaper + more

We are just a week away from when Wolverine rips open the summer movie season and we have all the latest on that X-Men prequel. Also in our genre wrap-up we have news on Nimoy and Transformers, Arnie and Terminator, and much more for upcoming movies, including New Moon. In TV news, we have all the latest on the final episodes of the season for Heroes, Lost, Fringe, Reaper, Smallville, and more.

JJ Abrams Talks Deleted Scenes – Find Out What Didn’t Make Final Cut of ‘Star Trek’

Like with most films, the new Star Trek has scenes that didn’t make the final cut for the film (which runs just over 2 hours with credits). These will end up on the DVD and Blu-ray, but it also turns out that we have already seen elements of them. In the last week JJ Abrams has actually commented about them as well. So now we break down some of what didn’t make it into Star Trek. [SPOILERS]

JJ Abrams & Star Trek Cast/Crew Attend Shatner Charity Event – First Meeting of the Kirks [UPDATED: More pics]

As noted in our last ShatWatch, there were two big events today: The William Shatner Horse Show, and a big Paramount press day for Star Trek. And so as soon as they wrapped up their press event, JJ Abrams and members of the Star Trek team and cast whisked across town to attend Bill’s charity horse event, and TrekMovie has the first photo of the first meeting of the new Kirks. 

ST09 Tidbits (T-12): MSM Takes Notice + Riverside, IA Early Show + More $ Buzz, Interviews, & Posters

You can really feel the buzz for the new Star Trek movie building. Today we have a look at how some big media outfits are taking a new look at Trek. Plus there is more box office buzz, more interviews, more international posters, and just more more. Check it all out in this less than two week to go Tidbits. 

CelebWatch: Stardate 04.24.09 [Updated]

After months, the Watch is back, baby! We can’t let the new movie celebs take up all the space, when so many ‘classic’ Trek celebs are out there making a difference. Below is some Trek celeb news from the past few weeks, including tons of stuff on George Takei, LeVar Burton, and Patrick Stewart. Plus: a guide to Trek actors who have appeared on TV in the last three months, and those who will be appearing soon.

Convential Wisdom: Guide To Star Trek Events for Late April & May

As the new Star Trek film looms ever closer, more and more events celebrating Star Trek, from museum talks to Fed Con, are being announced. Here is a list of some of the best events for fans as they wait to see ST09 and in the days after the film, from now until May. The good news is that many of the events are free!