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Shatner Wrestles, Doohan Soars, Nichols Auctions, Takei Re-Heroes…Oh My

Want to know where your TOS stars are this week, well here goes. William Shatner had a very busy weekend. His first stop was Detroit where he was to induct Jerry Lawler into the Wrestling Hall of Fame. However Shatner was met with boos and controversy, more at Slam! Sports. On Monday Shatner traveled to nearby Toronto to help Rogers Telecom promote its new video phone service. Shatner pitching a product, who would have thought? More at After a long wait the ashes of the late James Doohan are set for his final voyage. The remains of Doohan along with 200 other people, including astronaut Gordon Cooper, were loaded onto a Celestis rocket in New Mexico yesterday. Doohan is set to launch later this month, more at MSNBC.

Review: The Tholian Web Remastered

"Bring Back Kirk!"Enterprise finds one of its sister ships, the Event Horizon – uh, Defiant – floating dead in space. Everyone important beams over and finds the crew dead with their hands wrapped around one another’s throats. After much investigation and careful consideration, "Bones" rules out natural causes and concludes that they killed each other. He also discovers that props and corpses aboard the ship are becoming immaterial. Fortunately, whatever’s going on doesn’t affect deck floors.

Wheaton Comic, Who Companion, Trek Apartment, and more in a news roundup

Just some little Trek items to tie you over…. The new companion for Dr. Who has admitted that she is more of a Trekkie. The Sun reports Freema Agyeman is a big fan of Patrick Stewart and the Next Generation and has even attended Trek conventions. more at Sun Online… Will Wheaton (TNG’s Wesley Crusher) is getting ready to head back to Trek. Wheaton announced that he will write a story for the next volume in ‘Star Trek: The Manga’ from Tokyo Pop. The actor says he was reluctant when first approached, but then a voice in his head said "Dude, this would be so cool! Come on, man, let’s do this!". more at his blog… 

Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy

Today is Leonard Nimoy’s 76th birthday…proving that Spock is actually younger than Kirk! wishes him many more great years. And if you miss the 80s, then here is a music video that he directed and appeared in (and no it isn’t that Bilbo Baggins thing)… also have a nice bday tribute to Leonard Nimoy

The Naked Time remastered re-airs this weekend

Community member "Spockboy" has yet done it again and created a neat split screen of the original versus the remastered CGI effects for The Naked Time. So get out your mutated strains of water and sit back and enjoy! After the break is another little video for your entertainment too. ‘The Naked Time’ Coverage: PREVIEW  |  VIDEO/SCREENSHOTS  |  REVIEW

ABC Gives Abrams & Shatner Renewals

Although it isn’t a surprise, ABC has announced early renewals for fourteen of its shows including Lost created by Trek XI producers JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof. Although the show has slipped in the ratings, ABC still touts that it is the highest rated scripted show for the key 18-49 demographic. Although Abrams has not been involved in the day to day for the show since season 1, Damon Lindelof has been sharing show running duties with Carlton Cuse (including doing weekly podcasts). Now that JJ Abrams is committed to directing Trek XI it is expected that much of the producing duties will probably fall on Lindelof. What effect this has on season 4 of Lost is still unknown. The fate of Abrams other ABC shows, Six Degrees and What About Brian, remains less certain. Six Degrees returns this Friday after a long hiatus and retooling.

Star Trek Back On iTunes

About a month ago Star Trek vanished off the iTunes store due to technical problems, but now it is back. Even better, iTunes are now separating TOS from the TOS-R with each having its own listing:  ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ or  ‘Star Trek: The Original Series (Remastered).’ All of TOS Season 1 is up, along with the full-lenth versions of the 11 TOS-R season 1 episodes aired so far. Additional Seasons 1 TOS-R episodes will be made available after they air, with seasons 2 and 3 of TOS and TOS-R sometime in the future. Star Trek: Enterprise has still not returned and is told it will take some time because all 4 seasons are being recoded. (click image below to launch iTunes TOS-R store – NOTE only available in US)

TNG@20: Stewart Interview

During 2007 we will peridically post retrospective interviews, features and found clips to celebrate TNG’s 20th birthday. Here is a BBC interview with Patrick Stewart from a few years ago (edited to just the Trek bits). He talks about how he got the job, the choice of Picard’s accent, fandom and the film Trekkies.

“I, Mudd” Remastered Re-airs This Weekend

A classic humor based episode with that intergalactic lovable scoundrel Harry Mudd is repeating this weekend. Our buddy "Spockboy" has done it again and created a neat split screen of the original versus the remastered CGI effects, plus a little something else for fun at the end , enjoy! I, Mudd coverage: PREVIEW  |  VIDEO/SCREENSHOTS  |  REVIEW

TNG Novels Chart New Course

The last time we saw Captain Picard he was sitting in space dock fixing up the Enterprise and saying goodbye to old friends after the events of Nemesis. Now that the TNG film era is over, it is up to Trek Novels to continue the story. Riker and Troi have already set off in the popular ‘Titan’ book series, and so Picard must move on without his loyal first officer and trusted counselor. The first of these post Nemesis novels (Death in Winter) was released in hardcover in late 2005, and it focused on Picard/Crusher romance that has been brewing for far too long. That book gets re-issued in paperback later this year along with a slew of new TNG books to help celebrate the TNG 20th anniversary. In the second part of our interview with Simon & Schuster editor Margaret Clark, we find out what is next for The Next Generation.

Review: Wolf In the Fold Remastered

Robert Bloch’s “Wolf in the Fold” is typical both of the horror writer’s contributions to the series (he also wrote “What Are Little Girls Made Of? and “Catspaw”) and of the show’s second season, in that in year two Trek often presented some fairly dark and outlandish plotlines but shook them up with humor. The story centers around Scott, who’s accused of murder while on shore leave on the hedonistic world of Argelius. Scott’s under suspicion because a head injury has apparently created a temporary feeling of paranoia and distrust of women, but as the female bodies start piling up and the investigation continues the culprit is revealed to be the ancient spirit of Jack the Ripper, in actuality a formless alien entity which thrives on fear.

Review: TNG Comics Issues 3 & 4

This week issue 3 of Star Trek The Next Generation The Space Between hits the stores with a story set sometime during season 7. After reading issues 3 & 4 the narrative threads that IDW promised are now becoming apparent. One thematic is that each issue focuses on characters, often one character, with a "A" narrative, and there is a "B" narrative with other characters. The photo covers clue you in to this, with issue 3’s featuring Worf and Troi whose romance is set against the story of the Enterprise crew being challenged by a very cool ship that is a hybrid of a Romulan Warbird, a Borg vessel, and a Federation starship. The issue deals with how the crew must defeat this mystery ship while Worf has to figure out how to balance his romance with Troi with his obligations to Starfleet.

Review: The Paradise Syndrome Remastered

So here’s the pitch: The Enterprise is drawn to a lush, idyllic Class-M planet set in the path of an asteroid the size of Earth’s Moon.  Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to the planet and discover a primitive culture in place that closely resembles several Native American tribes from Earth. Additionally, vegetation on the planet (pine trees, orange groves, etc.) is identical to Earth’s, despite being a half a galaxy away- the odds of which, according to Spock, are "astronomical."  The party discovers an artfully designed obelisk set in the woods, evidence of an advanced species later revealed to have planted human life on the planet.  In the show’s opening minutes, we are presented with a tantalizing mystery and a major clue. Archeologically speaking, this planet may answer the question of how humans appeared on Earth.  On paper, this is one of Star Trek’s more appealing high-concepts.  Unfortunately, "The Paradise Syndrome" wanders about, indulging in silliness instead of exploring its more ambitious themes.