William Shatner Unveils Wax Figure Of Kirk – Says He Wants To Be In Star Trek Sequel

We already knew that William Shatner’s Kirk is immortal, but now Kirk has been immortalized, in wax. Today Madame Tussaud’s in Hollywood unveiled its wax figure of James T. Kirk, and William Shatner was there to help. And while he was mugging for the cameras, Bill also talked about the next Star Trek movie. See below for TrekMovie photos and video from the event.

Listen To Gene Roddenberry Interview William Shatner at

Back in 1976 Gene Roddenberry released an album called "Inside Star Trek" which included conversations with many Trek luminaries and others, it didn’t sell that well, but was released on CD in 1999. And today the folks at have put one of the more interesting tracks, a conversation with William Shatner, online in a ‘hidden section’ of their website. Find out how to listen to it below

Watch Clips Of Shatner (Accepting For JJ Abrams) From Spike Scream Awards

Tomorrow night Spike TV airs their Scream Awards, and as we reported last weekend, JJ Abrams new Star Trek film does very well. We now have some clips from the show, where you can see William Shatner on stage accepting an award for the movie and talking to JJ Abrams about how he isn’t in it.

Star Trek Takes Home Top Spike Scream Awards – Shatner Makes Surprise Appearance [UPDATED

The Spike Scream Awards were taped in Los Angeles Saturday night (to air Tuesday October 27th). The new Star Trek movie started the night with the most nominations and walked away with a few awards, including the top prize of "Ultimate Scream" as well as Best Sci-Fi Film. And in a surprise, William Shatner appeared on stage to pick up one of Trek’s awards. Details and photos below.  [UPDATE: Full list of Trek’s six wins]

Takei Suggests Ending Shatner Feud On Howard Stern Show [UPDATED]

Over the last couple of years the feud between Original Series stars William Shatner and George Takei has really heated up, spilling into mainstream media. Recently there was some talk of George appearing on Bill’s Raw Nerve TV show for a hatchet burying episode, however Takei says he wants to do it on neutral ground, namely the Howard Stern Show. See below for video of Takei making his suggestion.   

JJ Abrams Talks Star Trek Sequel, Shatner, Nimoy, Nick Meyer & more

Today Paramount held a press event in LA for their fall home video releases, including Star Trek. One of the Q&A sessions was with Star Trek director JJ Abrams who, in addition to questions about DVD and Blu-ray sets, ended up talking about the Star Trek sequel, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Nick Meyer, and more. Get all the details below.

Robert Meyer Burnett Talks Free Enterprise 2 [UPDATED]

In 1998 Robert Meyer Burnett and Mark Altman created a cult classic with Free Enterprise, their comedy about two Star Trek fans (named Robert and Mark) who meet their hero, William Shatner. Their has been a lot of talk about a sequel over the last decade, but it seems the success of the new Star Trek movie could help it become reality. [UPDATE: More from Altman and Burnett]

Shatner & Nimoy Talk Star Trek Movie & More At DragonCon – VIDEO

This morning DragonCon kicked off in Altanta, and the first event in the impressive Star Trek schedule was an appearance by the original Kirk and Spock, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Reports are coming in apparently the new Star Trek movie was the focus for the pair speaking to a crowd of over 2000. We have a summary and some video below. 

Shatner, Nimoy, Stewart & More Headed To DragonCon’s TrekTrak on Labor Day Weekend

The biggest fan run convention is DragonCon in Atlanta, and every Labor Day weekend they have an impressive dedicated ‘TrekTrak’. This year is no exception with a huge line-up of Trek celebs including William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Kate Mulgrew and Patrick Stewart. Plus there are a number of Trek related activities and panels and more celebs, details below.

ShatWatch: Shatner the Card + New Shat Interviews + New Shat DVDs + more

Did you know that William Shatner’s favorite color is that of leaves changing? Truth. And while autumn is a month away, August’s return to school begins thoughts of the season. If the thought of "back to school" is depressing, then how about "Shat to school"? That’s right, the ShatWatch brings you the latest news on William Shatner and his own adventures sure to make you happy despite looming homework.

ShatWatch: Bill Reads Palin Poetry On Tonight Show + Helps Greenpeace Send A Message

It has been a busy 24 hours for William Shatner. Firstly, it seems Bill and Conan have moved on from the ‘salute incident‘ as The Shat appeared on The Tonight Show to do a comedy bit last night. We have video of that below. In other William Shatner news, today he got involved in a Greenpeace event protesting toxic chemicals being used by HP, you can listen to his message to HP employees below too.

First Look At Quantum Quest – a 3D Animated Aventure Featuring Pine, Shatner & more Trek stars

Did you know there is a movie coming out that features both Kirks, Chris Pine and William Shatner…plus Brent Spiner, Robert Picardo, Mark Hamill and other vets of Star Trek and sci-fi? It is the 3-D animated film Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey which is has a panel at Comic-Con Thursday. Writer-producer Harry Kloor gave TrekMovie a preview, including exclusive first look at images.  

TJ Hooker Getting Movie Reboot (Really!) – Will Shatner Be In That?

It appears that another classic TV show starring William Shatner is headed for a big screen reboot, this time it is TJ Hooker…and no that is not a joke. Today Variety reported that the classic 80s cop show is being remade as an action comedy. No word yet on if any of the original show stars will return, but there is a potential part for Shatner.   

ShatWatch: Attack Of The Bill Edition

One of the reasons William Shatner hasn’t seen the new Star Trek movie yet, could be because he continues to be the hardest working man in showbiz. Today Bill appeared on Attack of the Show and discussed whether or not he could beat up Chris Pine, amongst other things. We have video of that and his new Priceline commercial, plus a Raw Nerve update, news on the possibility of more TekWar on TV, and a project that Bill actually said no to. 

William Shatner Explains Why He Has Not Seen The New Star Trek Movie

For over two years while the Star Trek movie was in development and production, much of the debate, news and gossip about the film was about whether or not William Shatner would be in it, something he contended would benefit the film. So it is a bit surprising that two months after its release, Bill has yet to see it. While co-hosting Live with Regis and Kelly last Friday he explains why, details below.

Watch William Shatner Give Conan The Salute [UPDATED: Bill’s Finger Makes Global News]

As noted in yesterday’s ‘ShatWatch’, William Shatner was a guest on last night’s Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. Bill was there to promote his latest projects and was his usual avuncular self. There was no talk of the new Star Trek movie, but Bill did recall a Trek related story and then there was a bit of an incident when he gave Conan a couple of different ‘salutes’. [UPDATE: Shatner’s Conan Appearance is getting lots of press, we have the links]

William Shatner Wants To Be In Star Trek Sequel + New Shat/Trek Skit + Urban Talks To ShatnerVision

The new Star Trek movie is a success and so people are already thinking of sequels, and of course the subject of William Shatner is already being talked about in the media. And it should come as no surprise that this time Bill is again saying nice things and talking about how he wants to be in it. We have that plus a new Shatner/Star Trek sketch and a ShatnerVision interview with Karl Urban.

ShatWatch Video Special: Bill’s Star Trek Leno Cameo + ‘Gavones’ Animated Show Preview + more

Chris Pine may be the new prince of paparazzi and celebrity gossip, but William Shatner remains the king of all media. In just the last few days the original Kirk has been all over TV and internet video, including a preview for a new Internet animated show and a Star Trek cameo on last night’s Leno. Check it all out below.

JJ Abrams & Star Trek Cast/Crew Attend Shatner Charity Event – First Meeting of the Kirks [UPDATED: More pics]

As noted in our last ShatWatch, there were two big events today: The William Shatner Horse Show, and a big Paramount press day for Star Trek. And so as soon as they wrapped up their press event, JJ Abrams and members of the Star Trek team and cast whisked across town to attend Bill’s charity horse event, and TrekMovie has the first photo of the first meeting of the new Kirks. 

ShatWatch: Horse Stunt, Phaeton Fun, Gonzo Premiere + Bill/JJ Summit?

With all the news going on in the world of Star Trek it is only natural to ask, what is William Shatner up to? And if adventure had a name it wouldn’t be Indiana Jones – it would be William Shatner. This edition of ShatWatch tracks the Shat’s latest adventures on horseback, in a Phaeton, with Gonzo (not the Muppet Gonzo), and more. Oh and there may be news on how William Shatner does tie into all this new movie stuff.

DVD Review – Shatner’s Groom Lake + ShatWatch: King of All Media Edition

Just this month William Shatner’s 2002 feature film Groom Lake on has been re-released on DVD this March. First shown in the early 2000s on the Sci-Fi Channel, the film is a science fiction tale written, produced, and directed by William Shatner (who also stars in the movie). See below for a review of the new DVD plus the latest ‘ShatWatch’ news on Bill.