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Australian News Site Issues Apology and Correction For Inaccurate Star Trek Article (and still gets it wrong) November 4, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Books,Fandom,Great Links,Humor , comments closed

Star Trek fans are notoriously nitpicky and an Australian news site found that out this week and went so far as to publish an apology for getting their facts wrong in an article talking about Enterprises.  


Syfy Cancels Ron Moore’s Caprica + Moore Talks Trek Technobabble & Nitpickers October 27, 2010

by Rosario T. Calabria , Filed under: BSG,Celebrity,Fandom,Sci-Fi , comments closed

The critically acclaimed, but very, very low-rated, sci-fi drama series Caprica, co-created by Star Trek vet Ron Moore, has been canceled by Syfy, the network announced today. Five original episodes remain to be aired but they’ll be pulled from the schedule effective immediately. More details below, plus Ron Moore talks about differentiating Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica.


Klingon Shakespeare Extra Casting Call Tomorrow in DC + More Klingon Opera Video September 17, 2010

by Staff , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Fandom,Trek Franchise , comments closed

We have a follow-up on last weekend’s story on how Klingons are hitting stages around the world. Tomorrow the Washington Shakespeare Company is holding an open casting call for extras for their Shakespeare in Klingon event next weekend. We also have another video feature on last weekend’s Klingon opera in the Netherlands.


Photos & Video From Dragon*Con Miss Star Trek Universe Pageant September 7, 2010

by Staff , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Fandom,Trek Franchise , comments closed

One of the highlights of the Trek Trak at Dragon*Con is the annual "Miss Star Trek Universe" Pageant. The contest of Trek beauties was held this year on Sunday, hosted by Star Trek Voyager’s Garret Wang (who was the host of the Trek Trak). Check out photos and video of the winners and contestants below.


New Record For Costumed Star Trek Fans Set At Dragon*Con [PHOTOS + VIDEO] September 4, 2010

by Clinton Alvord , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Fandom , comments closed

On Saturday night at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA Star Trek fans gathered to attempt to break the record for costumed Trekkies set just a month ago at the Official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. And based on the count, it looks like they did it. A full report and photos below. UPDATE: Video added


VIDEO: TrekMovie Star Trek Fan Panel At Trek Las Vegas Con August 21, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Fandom,Star Trek (2009 film),Star Trek Into Darkness, , comments closed

Two weeks ago TrekMovie hosted a fan panel at the Creation Star Trek Star Convention to discuss the 2009 Star Trek movie, and the 2012 sequel. Joined by Larry Nemecek, Mary Czerwinski and Vernon Wilmer, we (and the audience) discussed and debated the new universe of Star Trek. You can watch video of the full panel below.


VegasTrekCon10: Report & Photos From Star Trek Costume Contest August 11, 2010

by Kayla Iacovino , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Fandom , comments closed

One of the highlights of big Vegas Star Trek Convention over the weekend is the opportunity to see the great costumes fans have been working on all year. Some of them are humorous, some of them are technically challenging, but all of them are fantastic. This year’s contest, which favors high-skill, home made costumes, once again showcased hundreds of great fan-made costumes. Highlights of the event are below.


VegasCon10: New World Record Set For Costumed Trekkies Set At Star Trek Con [PHOTOS] August 7, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Fandom , comments closed

In 2010 there has been a wave attempts to set new World Records for the most costumed Star Trek fans in one place. The record had moved all the way up to 507 leading into today’s attempt at the Creation Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. And now there is a new record. Details and photos from the event below. 


Comic Con Videos & Photos: Spiner Staredown + WTF Trek + Trekkie Cosplayers + Headline Fail July 25, 2010

by Staff , Filed under: Celebrity,Conventions/Events/Attractions,Fandom,Great Links,Trek Franchise , comments closed

Comic Con wrapped up in San Diego today. Although there were no panels on Star Trek, we have been sharing the new Trek merchandise and comments from Trek celebs from the event. To wrap up we have some more Trek celeb and product video of the less than serious kind, plus lots of costumed Trekkies and a total Trekkie headline fail. Check it all out below.


Night of the Living Trekkies Mashup Novel Out Now + Comic Con Signing & Free Posters July 21, 2010

by Staff , Filed under: Books,Conventions/Events/Attractions,Fandom , comments closed

trekkie zombiesBack in March we first reported that Quirk Books (publishers of mashup fiction like "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies") were working on a Star Trek fandom/horror mashup "Night of the Living Trekkies". That book has just started shipping and Quirk books will be selling signed copies at Comic Con and giving away posters tonight. More details on this fun book below.


Trekkie Makes Viral Video To Reunite With Trekkie Dream Girl At Las Vegas Trek Con July 20, 2010

by Staff , Filed under: Fan Productions,Fandom,Viral Video/Mashup/Images , comments closed

Is it possible to find love at a Star Trek convention? Well one Trekkie made a love connection at a recent con in San Francisco, but then lost contact. He and a friend have made a short film to help him reconnect with his Trekkie dream girl. Check it out below.


Photo (& video) of the day: Li’l Trekkies Help Try To Break Costume Record June 26, 2010

by Staff , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Fandom,Great Links , comments closed

Today’s photo comes from Riverside, IA, which is the future birthplace of James T. Kirk (or Kirk’s future childhood home in the JJ-verse). It is also home to the annual TrekFest, where they held an attempt to beat the world record for costumed Star Trek fans. One photo in particular from the event caught our attention, see it below plus a local news video report from the event.


IFT Fan Club Relaunches As ‘The Federation’ June 15, 2010

by Staff , Filed under: Fandom , comments closed

Today the 26 year-old International Federation of Trekkers fan club has relaunched (and rebranded) itself as "The Federation", complete with a brand new website, and a new online magazine. More information and links below in the official press release.


Photos (& Video) of the Day: Portland Cyclists Take ‘Star Wars vs. Star Trek’ To The Streets June 14, 2010

by Staff , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Fandom , comments closed

Over the weekend the annual Pedalpalooza was held in Portland, Oregon. The four day festival celebrating cycling included a number of events and rides, including a "Star Trek vs Star Trek" ride on Saturday. Lots of fans of both showed up in costume and with bikes modified for space-flight. Check out photos below.


D.C. Fontana To Judge Star Trek Fan Fiction Contest May 16, 2010

by Staff , Filed under: Celebrity,Fan Fiction,Fandom , comments closed

Star Trek Fan fiction has been around since the first Star Trek series began in the 60’s, and now aspiring authors have an opportunity to have their stories critiqued by one of the original writers for Star Trek, Dorothy ‘D.C.’ Fontana. The ‘Starfleet’ Star Trek fan club has announced their second creative writing contest will be judged by Fontana, details below.


Star Trek – The Future Began 1 Year Ago Today May 8, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fandom,Review,Star Trek (2009 film) , comments closed

On May 8, 2009 the future of the final frontier began again with the release of JJ Abrams Star Trek. One year later the film is still fresh in the minds of Trekkies while we await news (and the release) of the sequel the film inspired. Today TrekMovie takes a look back at the film, its history and impact.


Trekkies in Germany and Tampa Beat Star Trek Costumed Fans Record May 3, 2010

by Henning Koonert , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Fandom , comments closed

On May 1 Trekkies on two continents set out to break the world record for a gathering of fans in Star Trek costumes. The gatherings in Tampa, Florida and Bonn, Germany both succeeded in beating the record set in London earlier this year. But it was the group at the FedCon XIX Convention that wound up with what (pending certification) will be the new world record.  


Canadians Want William Shatner As Governor General April 20, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Fandom,Shatner , comments closed

It seems that the people of Canada are yearning for some awesome. There are renewed calls for William Shatner to return to his native land and take on the role of Governor General. But is Bill willing to heed the call? All the latest on that, plus a great new photo of Bill and LeVar Burton. 


FedCon XIX Preview: DS9 Stars + Phase II Screenings + Trek Costume Record Attempt + more April 14, 2010

by Henning Koonert , Filed under: Celebrity,Conventions/Events/Attractions,DS9,Fandom,New Voyages/Phase II , comments closed

From April 30th to May 2nd Europe’s biggest Star Trek and Sci-Fi convention will take place in Bonn, Germany. Around 5,000 fans will meet over 20 guests, including Trek stars Michael Dorn, Terry Farrell, and Nicole de Boer. There will also be another attempt to break the Star Trek fans in costume record (on the same day as the attempt at Vulcan Con in FL). Details below.


Tampa Trekkies To Attempt To Break Star Trek Costumed Fans Record April 13, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Fandom , comments closed

In February a promotional event in London for the European roll-out of Star Trek Online set a Guinness World Record for the “largest gathering of people dressed as Star Trek characters”. However, with only 99 costumed Trekkies, the record was begging to be broken. And that is exactly what will be attempted on Saturday May 1st in Tampa, FL. Details below.

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