March 2009

First Image of TNG Family Guy

On March 29th FOX will air the Family Guy episode “Not All Dogs Go to Heaven" featuring all the stars of The Next Generation playing themselves. Today FOX released the first image from that episode (which was first an exclusive in this week’s TV Guide), check it out below.

Trek4Kids: How The New Star Trek Movie Is Appealing To Sixth Graders

The topic of this ‘Trek4Kids’ entry is how Paramount is marketing their new Star Trek movie to kids, something pretty important if they want to create a ‘next generation’ of fans. I am already a fan and was already excited about the movie, so I invited some of my sixth grade friends over to view some of the trailers and merchandise and also did a little survey at school, all to find out if other kids are getting excited too.

ST09 Tidbits (T-57 days): Burger King Boards, D.A.C. Details, Trailer Breaks Records, Cho Talks Sulu + more

Today’s tidbits for the new Star Trek movie take us to the flame-broiled frontier, with news on the upcoming Burger King TV campaign. Plus we have more details on that ‘D.A.C.’ game, comments on Sulu’s ‘innocence’ from John Cho, ticket sales for Europeans, an amazing Star Wars/Star Trek mashup, and much more..

Production Designer Scott Chambliss On Designing New Star Trek

Star Trek director JJ Abrams has worked for years with the Emmy-winning production designer Scott Chambliss and that includes the new Star Trek, but in a new interview with SciFi Now, he explains how he needed some convincing to go to the final frontier. The designer also talks about his approach to (re)designing the future, see excerpts below.  

‘Star Trek’ Still Called ‘Star Trek’

Earlier today we reported that the new Star Trek trailer would be shown during Heroes tonight on NBC as a ‘sneak peek’…a non-event for Trekkies right? Well it actually turned out to be one, but not because they suddenly decided to show some new footage. Many fans wondered why the NBC announcer (introducing the trailer) referred to the film as "Star Trek: The Future". Were they announcing a new name?  Um, no .

ST09 Tidbits (T-59 days): Heroes Preview?, New Game?, Spock Fu?, Nero Wart? + more? [UPDATED]

It has just been four days since our last ‘ST09 Tidbits’ and the bits are just piling up. We got news of some kind of Trek preview during Heroes tonight, a possible Star Trek related game, new comments from Abrams and Quinto, more shots of that Enterprise model, more info on the trailer, and even more…check it all out below.

Conventional Wisdom: Star Trek Spring Events

There are many events, big and small, from now until May to help fans celebrate in preparation of the premiere of the Star Trek feature film. Organizations as diverse as the United States Library of Congress to local libraries are holding a variety of Star Trek themed events as "the day of reckoning" approaches. Conventional Wisdom provides this guide to Star Trek events from March until May.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Watchmen, Terminator, Transformers, Tron + Lost, Heroes, Smallville, Doctor Who + more

Watchmen continues to dominate in theaters and in genre news this week, but we also have updates on the upcoming films in the Terminator, Tron, Tranformers (and even Mad Max) Franchises. In TV news we have news on who is coming back next season (Smallville & Heroes) and who probably isn’t (sorry Knight Rider fans), plus a new TARDIS for Who? All that and the usual TV and movie previews and images…all below.  

Abrams, Quinto and Pegg Talk Trek’s Heart, Star Wars, Technobabble, TMP, and more

As reported before, the April issue of UK’s at Total Film Magazine went on sale this week, with four collectible Star Trek covers. In addition to the exclusive images (see previous article), Total Film also has interview comments from director JJ Abrams and some of the film stars. See below for some of the more interesting excerpts. 

New Star Trek Trailer A Big Hit With The Media

In November we reported that the first theatrical trailer got the notice of the mainstream media. This week the second trailer not only got noticed, it is a hit. The trailer is not only playing well on the Trek sites, and geek sites, but general entertainment sites and with the mainstream press. And of course it has already inspired some ‘classic’ mashup as well. Check it all out below.

Science Friday: Saturn’s New Moon, Asteroid Near Miss, Bionic Eyes, Holodeck Helmet + more

The new Star Trek Trailer promises us the future begins this May, but thanks to science — the future is now. This week, Science Friday lets you discover Saturn’s 61st moon, get up close and personal with a near-Earth asteroid, uncovers some ’44 vintage plutonium, and witness a blind man see again. All this and much more, plus our gadget of the week: The Virtual Cocoon!

First Star Trek Tickets Go On Sale + ST09 Art Display At Arclight Hollywood [UPDATE: Run Time Confirmed]

Just this morning, the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood (home of the famous Cinerama Dome) became the first theater in the world to begin selling tickets to the new Star Trek movie. So far they have two midnight shows (on two screens) for Thursday May 8th. Plus last night Paramount put up an artistic Star Trek display at the Arclight, in honor of the new trailer. Details below 

Amazing New Star Trek Trailer Online [UPDATE: Now in HD + Official Site Updated w/music]

UPDATED: The third trailer for the new Star Trek movie premieres tonight along with the midnight showings for the new Watchmen movie. Like the movie, this epic trailer should be seen on the big screen for your first time. However, if you can’t wait, or have seen it already and want repeat viewings, then it is now available to view online, see it below in HD.

ST09 Tidbits (T-63 days): 2 Movie Images, Takei, Morrison & Quinto Quotes, TNG Rumor Fallout + more

For today’s tidbits, we have images from the Trek issue of Total Film with some Zachary Quinto quotes, plus fallout on that TNG rumor (with reactions from Brent Spiner and Wil Wheaton). We also have comments from Kirk’s mom (Jennifer Morrison) and the original Sulu (George Takei). Finally there is the McCoy entry of our ‘Trek as pop art’ collection.

Exclusive First Look At Cover Of Star Trek Movie Adaptation (w/ New Plot Summary)

Some of the best Star Trek movie news to come out in February was announcement that sci-fi legend Alan Dean Foster would be adapting the Orci and Kurtzman script into a Novel. TrekMovie was the first with that news and today we have the exclusive first look at the front and back covers of the book, including the ‘blurb’ which gives a pretty good (spoilery) outline of the movie.

Trek Spring Collection Preview: First Look At Genki Star Trek Fragrances

Genki Wear, known for its licensed science fiction jewelry and perfumes, has produced what might be the most unusual Star Trek product ever: Star Trek colognes and perfume based on the original 1960s television show. In our latest look at Trek’s big Spring Collection, TrekMovie has all the exclusive first details and images on this unique addition to the pantheon of Star Trek merchandise.

Exclusive: Countdown Writers Talk Nero, Star Trek Movie, Prequel Comic & more

"Star Trek: Countdown" is the official prequel comic for the new Star Trek movie, with two issues of the four issue series released so far. Countdown writers Mike Johnson and Tim Jones talked about the series at a panel at Wondercon over the weekend. TrekMovie has a report from that appearance plus an exclusive follow-up interview full of information on both the comics and the movie. [COMIC and MOVIE spoilers below]

Stewart: I was not slumming on Trek

In recent years Patrick Stewart has return to his roots as a Shakespearean actor, but in a new interview with the UK’s The Times, the former Jean Luc Picard makes it clear that he is proud of his time in the captain’s chair of the Enterprise on Star Trek The Next Generation. See below for video and what he had to say.

Trek Spring Collection Preview: First Look At RoomMates Murals and Wall Stickers

Today we pick back up with our Spring Collection Preview of Trek Collectibles, with some big news, and by big we mean literally huge. After 42 years, it isn’t very often that a product appears that is completely unique to Star Trek. Luckily, CBS Paramount has partnering with some interesting companies this year, one of which is RoomMates which has a line of amazing Star Trek wall decor items. TrekMovie has all the exclusive details.

ST09 Tidbits (T-66 days): Wondercon Video & Images, Yelchin Embraces Chekov + New Theater Display

For this tidbits we have a multimedia follow-up to our coverage of the Star Trek panel with video (not of the trailer) and some great photographs (including backstage). Plus we have a new theater display, and some new comments from Anton Yelchin talking Chekov (and some new Chekov art!). Check it all out below.

Esurance ‘Biggest Trekkie’ Video of the Week (Final Week)

You have just 3 days to submit a video to the new Esurance Star Trek site explaining how you are the ‘biggest Trekkie’ and get a chance to win a trip to the premiere of Paramount’s new Star Trek movie. Each week TrekMovie picks one entry as our video of the week, check this weeks entry below [note video auto-plays after you hit ‘more’].

SciFi Sunday: Terminator, Watchmen, Marvel, Dragonball + Lost, Heroes, Red Dwarf, Stargate + more

There is lots of non-Trek genre news coming out of WonderCon and we have the highlights, including tons of stuff on Watchmen and Terminator Salvation. Plus Jackson in for Nick Fury, but is Yelchin in for Green Lantern? All that and lots of movie previews. In TV land we have Lou Diamond Phillips going through the Gate, an update on the futures of Lost, Terminator: TSCC, Smallville and Supernatural. And more previews.

Rumor Control: No TNG Cameos In New Star Trek Movie

It is amazing that this late in the game casting rumors for the new Star Trek movie can still arise, but they can. Today the rumor comes out of Wondercon, where Latino Review has ‘breaking news’ asking the question ‘Is The Next Generation In the New Star Trek Movie?’ The answer is no (with a little yes), but it certainly isn’t breaking news. Details and spoilers below.