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New Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray Featurette Clips

Paramount has released a couple more clips from the upcoming home video release of JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. The first shows part of the Simon Pegg portion of the "Casting" featurette, and the second is a montage of various behind the scene clips from home video release. We also review the features in the different home video packages for Star Trek.

More Details On Alternative Version of ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ In TOS Season 3 Blu-ray Set

2009 has been the one of the best years ever for Star Trek on home video, with the next release being the the 2009 Star Trek movie on Blu-ray and DVD next week. However, the final release of the year will be Star Trek The Original Series on Blu-ray, coming December 15th. Today we have more details on the unaired version of the "Where No Man Has Gone Before" pilot, which is a key special feature of the set. 

Exclusive: 2 New Star Trek D-A-C Trailers + Game Update Details

Paramount is gearing up for tomorrow’s release of the newly enhanced Star Trek D-A-C arcade shooter on PC and Playstation Network, and to get things started they have provided TrekMovie with a couple of exclusive first looks at two new trailers for the game. Plus we have the full game details on the PC, console and newly announced Macintosh versions of the game.

Kate Mulgrew Hasn’t Seen JJ Abrams Star Trek – But Wants To Be In Sequel

The latest project for Star Trek Voyagers’ captain Janeway is providing voice work for Bioware’s new fantasy role-playing video game "Dragon Age Origins". In a new interview promoting the game, Kate Mulgrew also talked Star Trek, including talking about the latest JJ Abrams movie, and the next one too. See below for excerpts. 

Book Excerpt: Star Trek Vanguard: Precipice

Arriving in November is the next Star Trek novel from Pocket Books, "Star Trek: Vanguard: Precipice", which is the second Vanguard book for 2009. Written by David Mack, "Precipice" has the Starbase 47 team involved in intrigue and espionage with the Klingons in a race for mysterious ancient alien technology. To get you started, you can read chapter one, below.

Star Trek Movie Deleted Klingon Scene Available Online + DVD/Blu-ray Debuts In Some Countries

Ready for more Klingons? Tonight during the Scream 2009 awards, Spike TV debuted one of the DVD/Blu-ray deleted scenes from the 2009 Star Trek movie. The scene shows Nero being interrogated by the Klingons while at Rura Penthe prison, and it is now online, check it out below. Plus we have some news on special Star Trek movie releases overseas.

Star Trek Wins Hollywood Movie Award

Last week we reported that you can vote for the new Star Trek movie for a couple of award shows. The nominations for People’s Choice Awards are still being voted on, but Star Trek did win the Hollywood Movie Award, just a week after picking up the the top Scream Award (which aired Tuesday night). See below for more details and pictures of Zachary Quinto picking up the award at the Hollywood Film Festival on Monday.

Listen To Gene Roddenberry Interview William Shatner at

Back in 1976 Gene Roddenberry released an album called "Inside Star Trek" which included conversations with many Trek luminaries and others, it didn’t sell that well, but was released on CD in 1999. And today the folks at have put one of the more interesting tracks, a conversation with William Shatner, online in a ‘hidden section’ of their website. Find out how to listen to it below

Watch Clips Of Shatner (Accepting For JJ Abrams) From Spike Scream Awards

Tomorrow night Spike TV airs their Scream Awards, and as we reported last weekend, JJ Abrams new Star Trek film does very well. We now have some clips from the show, where you can see William Shatner on stage accepting an award for the movie and talking to JJ Abrams about how he isn’t in it.

Kurtzman and Orci Talk About ‘Digging Deeper’ In Star Trek Sequel

We already reported that at the 2009 Screenwriters Expo last weekend, Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman announced that they are now shooting to finish their sequel script in eight months (instead of two) and the film is now likely slated for 2012. In a new interview from the event, the pair go into more details about what that extra time gives them, as well as talking about more aspects of Star Trek and more. 

Kurtzman, Orci & Lindelof Talk Abrams & Star Trek Collaboration

They have been referred to here as the current ‘Supreme Court’ of Star Trek, but the collaboration between JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof, Bryan Burk, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman goes far beyond the final frontier. Today’s Variety has a lengthy feature on Abrams team and how they have come together to create projects that are at the top of the Hollywood buzz list, including some insights into the process of creating the new Star Trek movie. Excerpts below.

Watch Big Bang Theory Wheaton Episode Promo + Wil’s TNG Memoir Released

The nerdy hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory is always good for a Star Trek reference, but next Monday they will be stepping up a notch as Wil Wheaton guest stars, playing himself. Today CBS released a promo, and you can check that out below. In other Wheaton news, Wil has releases the first volume of his TNG memoir "Memories of the Future", details below.

Takei Suggests Ending Shatner Feud On Howard Stern Show [UPDATED]

Over the last couple of years the feud between Original Series stars William Shatner and George Takei has really heated up, spilling into mainstream media. Recently there was some talk of George appearing on Bill’s Raw Nerve TV show for a hatchet burying episode, however Takei says he wants to do it on neutral ground, namely the Howard Stern Show. See below for video of Takei making his suggestion.