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Takei Helped Abrams Choose Cho

George Takei has talked before about how he has met with Star Trek director JJ Abrams before the film was cast and that he enthusiastically approves of the new Sulu, John Cho. But in a new interview with CinemaSpy, the original Sulu says that he helped Abrams overcome concerns over fan reaction of casting Sulu with a non-Japanese actor.

Tahir Proud To Be Part of Trek History

Faran Tahir, first revealed to be playing a captain in the new Star Trek on is out promoting his role in Iron Man and is also fielding Trek questions. The Pakistani actor, who recently has played a lot of villains (including one in Iron Man), tells SciFi Wire he welcomed the opportunity of playing a role where his ethnicity is actually not an issue at all…

Abrams Contrasts Cloverfield and Trek

Another video interview with Star Trek director JJ Abrams is online (part of his Cloverfield DVD release promotion). Abrams contrasts Cloverfield and Trek with AP, saying that Trek, unlike the ‘found video’ style of Cloverfield, is ‘massive’ and ‘epic.’ The director also talks about what the experience of shooting Trek has been like and the beginning of the editing process.

BSG Preview: “Escape Velocity”

Tonight’s episode of Battlestar has Baltar buying his own BS and stirring up the fleet. In this weeks BSG column, we got video previews, a new video Q&A with Adama himself, NY Comic Con panel video, BSG girls in bikinis! Plus a Star Trek reference from last week’s episode, in case you missed it.

Morrison and Nichols Talk a little Trek

In addition to the the female lead, Zoe Saldana (Uhura), JJ Abrams’ new Star Trek film has quite the bevy of beauties. Two of the women headed to the 23rd century we haven’t heard much from are Jennifer Morrison (best known as Dr. Allison Cameron on House) and Rachel Nichols (aka Rachel Gibson on Alias). Both play key roles in the life of Kirk and both talked a little Trek in recent interviews.

Con Report: Quinto, Nichols and Visitor At Starfest 08

Zachary Quinto (the new Spock) and Nichelle Nichols (the original Uhura) took a trip to StarFest over the weekend to give Colorado fans a Trek treat. Quinto stuck with his code of silence but impressed the crowd with his respect for the role of Spock. And Nichols provided more details on her visit to the new Star Trek set. Nana Visitor also attended and and gave the ‘Niners’ and singing treat.

Abrams: Star Trek True To Roddenberry’s Vision

Director JJ Abrams is now starting the long process of post-production for his Star Trek feature film and he talked to the LA Daily News about project. Abrams noted that “there hadn’t been this kind of action in a `Star Trek’ movie before” but he also went out of his way to talk about how (even though the film is totally ‘new’) it honors Trek’s past…

More Cho On Trek + New Baby Cho

John Cho is having a good week. He is out promoting his new movie, Harold and Kumar Go to Guantanamo Bay (which looks hilarious) and he and his wife are expecting their first child. All the while he keeps getting Star Trek questions. The new Sulu isn’t giving plot details (beyond joking “the deathstar blows up at the end”), but talks about the shoot, the director and his approach to Sulu.

More From Nimoy and Quinto

TV Guide has a new interview with the new Spocks, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy (conducted on Sunday at the Grand Slam). Much of it covers well known ground, but there are also some insights into the character of Spock in the film and some hidden talents of director JJ Abrams.

Galactica Preview: Six of One

[NEW FEATURE] There may be no new Star Trek episodes these days (excecpt TOS-R), but Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica is keeping it real for ‘space based’ TV series. A Trek fan favorite, the show features many Trek vets behind (and in front) of the camera and so for it’s fourth and final season will run a special preview for each Friday’s episode and also BSG news.

Fake Trek Contest Entries + Winner

The and io9 ‘Make a Fake’ Contest is now over. We have received a number of entries, some of which were attempts at fooling Vreenak, and others were just a bit of fun foolishness. Although fakes, it is likely some of the entries could have spurred some internet rumors if they weren’t labeled as such. See below for all of the entries and the winner.

Happy First Contact Day

According to Star Trek future history, on April 5th, 2063 Dr. Zefram Cochrane became the first man to break the warp barrier (with a little help from the crew of the NCC-1701E) and garnered the attention of some Vulcans in the neighborhood…sparking the ‘first contact’ between humans and aliens…and the beginnings of the United Federation of Planets and all that came with it.

Friday Night Movies: Alternative Trek Openings

Star Trek mash-ups on YouTube are ubiquitous and one sub-genre is alternative opening credit sequences (and a sub-sub-genre is credits made to mimic another show). In some cases it is a bit of fun, but in other cases they could be considered an improvement or at least a compelling possibility. So check out some of these ‘two great shows that taste great together’ mash-ups below.

Captain April’s April’s Fool’s Day Article [UPDATED]

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” – Scotty, Friday’s Child Practical jokes are a serious concern for the crew of the Enterprise in the animated episode “The Practical Joker.” Luckily, practical jokes involving Star Trek on the internet are much less worrisome. Here are the Star Trek April Fool’s Day virtual pranks for April 1, 2008.

Nimoy Talks Life With Spock

In January we ran early excerpts from an unpublished interview with Leonard Nimoy, and now the full interview is available. In the interesting discussion, the original Spock talks about aging, photography, his long career and politics. He also talked a bit about the character of Spock and how it has influenced his life, excerpts below.

Cho On Fight Training + A Korean Playing Sulu

While attending the San Francisco Asian American Film Festival last week (where we reported he arrived with a ‘Star Trek wrist injury’) John Cho did a couple of interviews. The actor joked he got injured “going for the almond dispenser” at craft services, but also talked about fight training and also gave his thoughts on being a Korean American playing Sulu.

77 Reasons Why William Shatner Is Awesome

Today is William Shatner’s 77th birthday. The original Captain Kirk is still going strong both acting as well as with all his other myriad of activities (as pitchman, writer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, etc.). He is an endless source of inspiration and entertainment and so we thought we would honor him with a list of the 77 reasons why we think he is awesome.