TrekInk: Review of Star Trek: Romulans: Schism #3

Back on Romulus, the Praetor’s headed to the border, the question is… what kind of mess between the Klingons and Humans will he find? Will he let his desire for revenge get the better of himself? How can he be stopped with the new cloaking devices? Find out in our review of Star Trek: Romulans: Schism #3, the final chapter in John Byrne’s Romulan saga, which was released last week.

TrekInk: Review of Star Trek: Spock – Reflections #3

The third issue of Star Trek: Spock – Reflections arrives in comic shops today, Wednesday September 23rd. Scott Tipton and his brother David reveal Spock’s destination, more of his memories, and pause for reflection. Meanwhile, artists David Messina, Elena Casagrande, and Federica Manfredi treat us with their vision of original series characters. Find out more in our review below

TrekInk: Review of “Star Trek: Romulans: Schisms” #1 + Details on TNG “Ghosts”

The recent marriage of the Romulan Praetor is causing Kor and Koloth some headaches, but it is nothing compared to the end result of the Enterprise Incident! Politics play to the forefront as the schisms begin. With the release of "Star Trek: Romulans: Schism" #1, John Byrne kicks off the final chapter in his Romulan saga. See below for our review, plus some new details on a new TNG comic series

TrekInk: Early Review of Star Trek: Nero #1

With the exception of Khan, whose life has been chronicled in several novels, we don’t usually get to learn more about Star Trek’s movie villains than what’s presented on film. This week, we visit with Captain Nero of the Romulan mining ship Narada, after a particularly bad day in a black hole, courtesy of IDW Publishing, with their first issue of the Star Trek Nero mini-series. See our early review below.

TrekInk: Review of Star Trek Mission’s End #5

McCoy is still missing. Kirk is injured. Bugs have attacked bugs. There’s some weird quadraphasic readings. Oh, and Ambassador Cassady is in charge,  where does that leave the Enterprise crew? This week IDW brings an end to their five issue Mission’s End series which tells the story of the final days of Kirk and crew’s five year mission. We wrap it up with our review of the final two issues (and the series as a whole) below.

Exclusive Interview: Tim Jones & Mike Johnson Talk Nero, Star Trek Adaptation & Future Comics

At the Comic-Con IDW panel this week, Tim Jones and Mike Johnson talked a bit about their two follow-up comic books to “Star Trek Countdown,” but nothing we hadn’t already covered here. However, in an exclusive interview with TrekMovie, not only did they talk details on the two announced books, they also talked about the books coming next. Find out below.   

TrekInk: 5-Page Preview Of Spock Reflections #1

This year’s "Star Trek Countdown" comic prequel to the Star Trek movie featured the elder Spock on Romulus late in the 24th century. Next week IDW debuts the first issue (of four) of "Spock Reflections," which will delve into the events that led to Spock choosing to live on Romulus, and promises to have "key insights” into Spock, as well as a “startling revelation." We have a 5 page preview of issue 1 below.