Watch: Simon Pegg & Tom Hanks Do Star Trek Trivia + Hanks Wants Star Trek Sequel Role

Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks joined Star Trek’s Simon Pegg on The Graham Norton Show last night where the pair nerded out on their shared love for Trek. Pegg ‘beamed’ Hanks up, Hanks expressed interest in appearing in the next Star Trek movie and he and Pegg even held a mini Star Trek trivia contest. Watch how it all worked out below.

PHXCC: Watch Wil Wheaton’s Hilarious A/V Recap Of Star Trek TNG’s “Justice”

Phoenix Comic Con kicked off in earnest on Friday and a highlight of the day was "story time with Wil Wheaton." Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton read some of his recent stories, and TrekMovie has video of Wheaton’s hilarious A/V presentation of his recap of the TNG episode "Justice." 

Viral Video Double Feature: Trekkie Dances To Kinect + Federation v Klingons Dance Battle

Today we have a dancing theme for two viral videos to share. The first comes from the PAX gaming show held over the weekend with a Trekkie in TNG costume becoming a dancing machine. Then we have another recent upload with a group of Trekkies doing a TOS-era Starfleet v Klingon dance-off. Check them both out below.

Watch Family Guy Homage To Star Trek’s “Enemy Within” + Patrick Stewart Cameo

Last night once again Seth MacFarlane’s animated FOX comedy The Family Guy, went to Star Trek. This time there was a Trek homage subplot right out of Star Trek’s "The Enemy Within", plus a cameo from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Patrick Stewart. There was also a brief Star Trek call out on The Simpsons. Check it all out below

Christian Slater Brings Star Trek Captain’s Chair To His New Sitcom ‘Breaking In’

Actor Christian Slater showed his Star Trek fandom two decades ago with a Star Trek VI cameo, and now he is bringing his inner Trekkie to his new Fox sitcom Breaking In, where he worked in an original series Star Trek captain’s chair for his character. Check out a clip of Slater and his Kirk chair below.

Watch Stewart & Dorn TNG Gag In Family Guy Star Wars Spoof + MacFarlane Indicates Star Trek Spoof Is Next

Just in time for Christmas, Fox released their third Family Guy/Star Wars spoof movie, "It’s A Trap", a parody of Return of the Jedi. And just like with past spoofs, Seth MacFarlane worked in a Star Trek gag, this time with voice cameos from Michael Dorn and Patrick Stewart. Plus MacFarlane has indicated he might finally be doing that big Star Trek spoof he wants.   

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