Into Darkness Dom. Character Posters For Marcus, Sulu and McCoy + UK Launches ‘Search For Scotty’ Contest

Paramount has provided us with high resolution versions of three new Star Trek Into Darkness domestic character posters, for Carol Marcus, Dr. McCoy and Sulu posters. Plus over in the UK, they are doing a special ‘The Search For Scotty’ contest to find 10 hidden Scotty posters around the UK – and if you find one you may get to the May 2 London premiere.

New Kirk Character Featurette Video + Big Star Trek Into Darkness Murals In NYC & LA

Paramount has released the first Star Trek Into Darkness "Character Profile" featurette focusing on Kirk. The video has movie clips and some behind the scenes footage along with comments from director JJ Abrams and actor Chris Pine. Watch it below (minor spoilers). We also have photos of big outdoor marketing in LA and NYC and a new Acer spot.

Watch: Latin America Star Trek Into Darkness TV Spot Features Scotty, Keenser & more

Another international promotion for Star Trek Into Darkness shows some glimpses of new stuff from the movie. This time it is a new TV commercial from Latin America, which shows us a creature from the movie along with Scotty and Keenzer getting their drink on. Watch it below with TrekMovie’s screencaps and analysis (minor spoilers). Viral Site Asks Fans To Submit Star Trek-inspired Pix & Vids To Be ‘Chosen’

Back in December Paramount hid a url to the website in the first trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. Since that time the site has been quiet until just moments ago it revamped with a request for fans to send in images and clips, promising a chance to be "one of the chosen few." More details below.      

John Harrison Has A Video Message For Mr. Spock + Scotty Int’l Poster + UK Premiere Contest

This morning brings a couple new new updates from the international marketing of Star Trek Into Darkness. The second ‘message from John Harrison’ viral video has been released in the UK – this time JH analyzes Mr. Spock. Also Scotty now has an international poster (in German). Check those out below. There is also a UK contest to win glamorous trip the the London red carpet premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness.       

Watch: New Japanese Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer + Shot-By-Shot Analysis + New Warp Effect

A new Japanese trailer has been released for Star Trek Into Darkness – where the films opens in August. The new trailer is different than the other international promos and contains a number of new shots. Watch it below along with TrekMovie’s patented shot-by-shot analysis – but beware of spoilers.        

Watch: First Clip From Star Trek Into Darkness [UPDATED]

Paramount has released the first full clip from Star Trek Into Darkness. It shows a scene that you would recognize if you saw the 9-minute IMAX preview in December, featuring the USS Enterprise bridge (in some interesting official Starfleet outfits) crew trying to help out a friend. Watch it below. Obviously being a clip it contains spoilers. [UPDATED: Now with YouTube version]

Photos: Pine, Quinto, Urban & Abrams Surf Australia + TrekMovie Post-Premiere Spoiler Policy

Star Trek Into Darkness director JJ Abrams along with actors Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban are getting ready for the Sydney, Australia premiere on Tuesday. Today they did some posing to promote the movie. Check out those photos below plus a note on TrekMovie’s policy regarding spoilers following the premiere.     

Cumbervoiced Version of ‘Message From Harrison’ Online + New Harrison Image + HD Enterprise Bridge

Yesterday TrekMovie reported on the new International "Message From John Harrison" viral video. The English version (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) is now available. You can watch that below and also check out a new Star Trek Into Darkness image of Harrison and tour hi-res images of the bridge of the USS Enterprise. [UPDATED: Country-lock free version of ‘Message’ video]

Paramount International Releases ‘Message From John Harrison’ Video Facebook App

Star Trek Into Darkness baddie John Harrison has a message for Kirk – in the form of a new viral promotional video. Unfortunately for English speaking Trekkies the promotional video only comes in various international languages–likely due to the movie opening in some places before USA. You can watch the special message (and get the translation) below.  [UPDATE: English version available in Australia and NZ only]    

Pine & Quinto Happy No Longer Having To ‘Lie’ About Into Darkness + Kirk Character Poster In HD

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto were interviewed at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards and the pair talked about how they are relieved that Star Trek Into Darkness is almost here and they wont have to "lie" anymore about the movie. Watch the interview below plus check out the Kirk character poster in HD.   

Watch: Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana & Zachary Quinto Make Dramatic Star Trek Entrance At MTV Movie Awards

In addition to debuting a new TV Spot during the MTV Movie Awards, Paramount sent stars Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto to present an award – and they came to the stage in a very dramatic fashion. We have pictures from the show and videos of them presenting. Plus red carpet photos as well.